Frag Tank

For majority of reefers, a frag tank is a great addition to any display tank.  As the name implies, " Fragments" or pieces of corals taken selectively from the main display tank are then propagated and placed in a holding frag tank.  For those that have overgrown corals, or need to isolate certain injured corals for healing and growth, or for those who like to sell or trade their coral fragments, a frag tank is prerequisite.  More so, a frag tank allows for a separate viewing corals without the unwanted natural frag plugs or rack holding systems that could clutter the aesthetics of the display tank.  It can be run separately from the main display tank to be utilized as an extra insurance in case corals from the main tank crashes or plumb with the existing display tank for extra water volume.  If you have any questions regarding our frag tanks, feel free to contact us.