PVC/Acrylic Hybrid Sump


  • Material: 3/8" Thick Industrial Grade White PVC
  • Hot weld color options: Red, Grey, Aqua Blue or Dark blue (as pictured)
  • Footprint of sump sizes below include 1/2" lip for welding purposes
  • 4 Hole dosing line holder with JG easy push fittings
  • 3 Hole probe holder with thumb screws
  • 2-7" filter sock holder (2-7" Micron filter socks and 2-7" filter sock silencers to minimize noise of water-flow not included)
  • Heater holder
  • Adjustable baffle (6-12" Height)
  • Holes can be customized at no extra cost
  • 8 Unique sizes to choose from with footprint below
  • 30x21x15 - Skimmer Section 11.5x19.25 and return section 5.75x19.25
  • 32x21x15 - Skimmer Section 12.75x19.25 and return section 6.5x19.25
  • 36x21x15 - Skimmer Section 16x19.25 and return section 7.25x19.25
  • 40x21x15 - Skimmer Section 19x19.25 and return section 8.25x19.25
  • 42x21x15 - Skimmer Section 20x19.25 and return section 9.25x19.25
  • 44x21x15 - Skimmer Section 21x19.25 and return section 10.25x19.25
  • 46x21x15 - Skimmer Section 22x19.25 and return section 11.25x19.25
  • 48x21x15 - Skimmer Section 24x19.25 and return section 11.25x19.25
  • 54x21x15 - Skimmer Section 27x19.25 and return section 14.25x19.25
  • 60x21x15 - Skimmer Section 30x19.25 and return section 17.25x19.25
  • Sump will ship on a pallet for safe arrival.  Must ship to our shippers HUB for pickup or shipped to any commercial address.   Additional charge will be applied for a residential address depending on location.

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