REF#: S120 - Red & White Sump w/Attached ATO (7 sizes)

  • $320.00

7 Sizes Available

  • 24"x16"x16 (Skimmer 12.5"x15.375" , Return Section 4"x15.375", ATO Section 4"x15.375" -  5 Gal ATO).  
  • 30"x16"x16" (Skimmer 15"x15.375", Return Section 5"x15.375", ATO Section 6.5"x15.5" -  7 Gal ATO).  
  • 32"x16"x16" (Skimmer 16"x15.375", Return Section 5"x15.375", ATO Section 7.5"x15.375" - 8 Gal ATO). 
  • 36"x16"x16" (Skimmer 16"x15.375", Return Section 5"x15.375", ATO Section 11.5"x15.375" - 12.5 Gal ATO).  
  • 40"x16"x16" (Skimmer 18"x15.375", Return Section 6"x15.375", ATO Section 12.5"x15.375" - 14 Gal ATO).  
  • 48"x16"x16" (Skimmer 22"x15.375", Return Section 7"x15.375", ATO Section 15.5"x15.375" - 17 Gal ATO). 
  • 60"x16"x16" (Skimmer 24"x15.375", Return Section 10"x15.375", ATO Section 22.5"x15.375" - 25 Gal ATO).  
  • All water levels are 8" high
  • 3/8" Thick panels with 1/4" Red Baffles
  • Red Sockholder can be added at no additional cost (4" Sockholder or 7" Sockholder)
  • Slightly beveled edges w/ matte finish
  • Flip Top Auto Top Off Reservoir conveniently incorporated in the sump
  • Upgrade to museum quality available with rounded edges and a 3 step hand polish (option available on drop-down).
  • Shipped on an over-sized pallet and fully insured to ensure a safe delivery
  • Please call us for a free quote on your custom size sump.
  • Free shipping anywhere within the Continental U.S. (Must ship to a commercial address or a carrier's terminal for pick-up.  Residential delivery available at additional cost.)