REF#: PVC133 - PVC/Hybrid Acrylic Refugium

REF#: PVC133 - PVC/Hybrid Acrylic Refugium

  • $425.00

Made from high quality 3/8" thick industrial Grade PVC material, we ensure exceptional craftsmanship and satisfaction.  The hot weld comes in red, grey, orange, white, black, blue and aqua blue.  Choose your color at no additional charge to match your color scheme.  Specify the color of your choice in the "Notes" section before checking out.



10x16x16 - 11 Gal

12x16x16 - 13.25 Gal

14x16x16 - 15.5 Gal

16x16x16 - 17.75 Gal

10x18x18 - 14 Gal

12x18x18 - 16.75 Gal

16x18x18 - 22.25 Gal

18x18x18 - 25 Gal

12x20x20 - 20 Gal

14x20x20 - 24 Gal

16x20x20 - 27 Gal

18x20x20 - 31 Gal

20x20x20 - 35 Gal

Refugium comes with holes pre drilled.  3/4" Bulkhead holes for the drain and a 3/4" Bulkhead hole for the feed.   Undrilled holes are optional upon request.  Red PVC with slits included. Polycarbonate lids included with drilled 1/4" perforated holes to prevent condensation.   

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