Top Notch Corals Saltwater Tanks

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Top Notch Corals located in Burlingame, California. Six tanks and five sumps made for this new coral store.
Tanks dimensions from left to right: 96x30x12, 96x32x16, 96x30x12, 72x30x24.
Frag tank and display tank.
225 gallon display tank.
48x30x9 Shallow 50 gallon display tank.
30x30x15 saltwater 58 gallon, black bottom, tank with a 24x16x15 sump.

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  • setting up quarantine tank system
    need: 4 – 20 long gallon tanks, 2- 33 long gallon tanks , 1 – 75 gallon tank and 1 180 gallon refugium tank

    jack gullison on

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