Tips on ways to keep your acrylic tank scratch free September 17 2013

  1. When cleaning/maintaining your acrylic tank, use a soft cloth with an ammonia free cleaner.
    • Ammonia can cause crazing(micro-cracks within the surface of the tank).
    • We recommend using 210 Plastic Cleaner and Polish. It is the only cleaner we use on our products. It works great against surface scratches such as rough hands rubbing your tank.
    • When cleaning the inside of your tank, we would suggest cleaning your tank by hand and not using a magnet. If you prefer using a magnet be sure not to pick up any sand or gravel from the bottom of your tank, as it will surely scratch the acrylic. 


      2.  In the event that you do get swirls or shallow scratches.

    • Novus 1-3 products work great on removing swirls and shallow scratches. There is a 3-step polishing process that will help restore your tanks original look. Depending on how deep the scratches are, it could take a few times to rid the tank of all scratches.


      3.  If your scratches are deep.

    • You can contact an acrylic scratch removal specialist in your area. In Southern California there are a few scratch removal companies that will drive to you and remove the scratches on site. While this option is not cheap, in most cases it will remove any and all scratches.